Rolf Harris – Artist and Entertainer

The artist and entertainer Rolf Harris has brought out three new signed limited edition prints for his Autumn 2011 release. Each piece signifies a different style Harris is famous for. His ‘The Lion King, Uneasy Truce’ offers the close up glimpse of a powerful and dangerous animal, whilst ‘Ghost Gum and Spinifex’ juxtaposes colour in an impressionistic technique and finally ‘Battersea Power Station In Fog’ pays homage to William Turner in an industrial setting.

The Lion King, Uneasy Truce by Rolf Harris

The Lion King, Uneasy Truce by Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris occupies a unique position on the contemporary art scene, both with his work and with his upbeat and accessible attitude to the world of art. A hugely gifted communicator, he has presented prime time TV shows and headlined at Glastonbury, proving that there is no audience beyond his reach.

Ghost Gum and Spinifex by Rolf Harris

Ghost Gum and Spinifex by Rolf Harris

His artwork encapsulates his inspirational ability, and whatever the subject or style, every piece is linked by that immediacy, accessibility and personal impact. Despite his diverse subject matter his style is unmistakable, and his observational skill and portrayal of fine detail is second to none.


Battersea Power Station In Fog by Rolf Harris

Battersea Power Station In Fog by Rolf Harris

For more information on Rolf Harris and his work visit

Rolf Harris at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively ring 01543 502971 or email

2 Responses to “Rolf Harris – Artist and Entertainer”
  1. leslie says:

    ive been a big fan off mr harris and love to view his work i have seen his work on show at trentham in stoke on trent . Iam sure it would be great to see the art that you have on show

    • I’m glad to hear you are a fan of Rolf Harris, he has such an amazing artistic and varied talent. We have a permanent exhibition of Rolf’s work at Artworx and would love you to stop by and take a look, when you have a spare half hour.

      -Ashley Corrigan
      Gallery Manager
      Artworx Gallery
      01543 502971

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