Caroline Shotton’s Cow paintings ooze charm

Caroline Shotton’s cow paintings are full of character, attitude and amusement. Artworx Gallery are proud to present her latest collection inspired by ‘Love’. Nestled together in their barns, these cows ooze happiness, unity and harmony. “There was an old tree house in the garden when we moved into our new home last year ad although … Continue reading

Caroline Shotton – The Hay Days!

Caroline Shotton has just released her new collection of cows, Titled ‘The Hay Days!’. Her cows are always charismatic and playful, but in this collection she has pushed them that bit further. Shotton explains in her own words: “In 2003 I fell pregnant and as such had to leave my job painting murals on hotel … Continue reading

Limited Edition Accessories

Peter Smith Cufflinks

Love the work of Caroline Shotton, or Paul Horton, or even Peter Smith? Artworx Gallery are home to limited edition accessories by some of the world’s most sought after artists. Art does not just have to be worn on the wall of those who can afford it, it can be used in everyday life, through … Continue reading

Caroline Shotton Summer Collection 2011

Caroline Shotton’s summer release for 2011 is here! This collection concentrates on flowers of the summer, from poppies, daisies, buttercups and forget me nots. Each offers a definitive character and colour to match. All of her characters are full of wit and charm, along with a sense of charisma. Caroline Shotton is one of the … Continue reading

Caroline Shotton – Spring Collection 2011

Peek-A-Moo by Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton’s work definitely has that fun and light-hearted feel. If you haven’t seen any of Shotton’s work, you must be living under a rock, she is fast becoming an instant sell-out. She paints Cows, not just any Cows, these cows are full of character and humour. Her newest collection lives up the to hype, … Continue reading

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