Painting on Glass by Richard Rowan

Richard Rowan is a great British artist who paints in a unique style, capturing the almighty atmosphere and relationship between the sky and the land. The whole painting process is created in reverse with oil on glass and so he has had to completely re-teach himself to paint. His breathtaking technique is the complete opposite … Continue reading

Richard Rowan – Retracing Forgotten Steps

Richard Rowan has released three new limited edition pieces of work on glass for 2012, the collection is inspired by his late grandfather, here Rowan explains the thought process behind the work, “Last year I uncovered a journal that belonged to my late grandfather, it lovingly described his travels and he went into great detail … Continue reading

Richard Rowan’s Soundscapes

The Island Awaits by Richard Rowan

Richard Rowan’s work is particularly unique not just in the style that he paints, but also the technique that he has taught himself. He works with oil paints on glass which requires alot of patience and time, as it is a slow process. He places a piece of toughened glass on four posts, and works … Continue reading

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