Impressions of London by Alexander Millar

Impressions Of London Collection by Alexander Millar

Very occasionally in the art world, one is privileged to witness history in the making. Alexander Millar and his evolution as an artist over the past three years is one such occasion. Millar, an entirely self-taught artist began his career more than twenty years ago, painting watercolours and taking inspiration from landscape artist Ashley Jackson. … Continue reading

The working man sketches by Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar is one of the UK’s most popular contemporary artists. His paintings, collected by art lovers across the globe, are inspired by the working men and women of his childhood. Born and raised in the small mining community of Springside, just outside the town of Kilmarnock on the west coast of Scotland, Millar’s earliest … Continue reading

Alexander Millar’s Working Man

Alexander Millar’s work class figures capture a warm sense of nostalgia. Millar was brought up in a small mining community a few miles outside the town of Kilmarnock on the west coast of Scotland, and it is this close nit community spirit that he bases his work on. “Life within the small Scottish village was … Continue reading

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