UK’s most popular impressionist artist – Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines is one of the UK’s most popular impressionism artists currently living within the British Isles. Daines has released a new collection of signed limited edition prints featuring her popular childhood scenes and high society ascot days.  Over the course of her impressive career Sherree has become one of the UK’s most collectable … Continue reading

Seaside Adventures with Sherree Valentine Daines

Read about the latest collection by British Artist, Sherree Valentine Daines.

Seaside adventures with Sherree Valentine Daines

Over the course of her impressive career Sherree has become one of the UK’s most collectable contemporary artists; with a discerning international following of art lovers, she enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the international arena. Sherree was born in Effingham, Surrey and studied fine art at Epsom School of Art. Her impressionistic approach lends a … Continue reading

Modern British Impressionism by Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines is quite simply the face of Modern British Impressionism. Technically brilliant and endlessly vigilant, she creates masterly evocations of some of the most beautiful elements of British life. The authenticity and accuracy of her observation is softened by her impressionistic approach, her subtle hand blending each detail into a creation of captivating elegance. … Continue reading

Sherree Valentine Daines

Champagne Summer by Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines painting’s are instantly recognisable for her impressionistic style, expressive use of light with colour on each subject, and the nostalgic scenes she creates. She has a fantastic ability to capture British Life in affluent and elegant manner. Her work is highly collectable due to her signature style along with her connection with … Continue reading

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