UK Christmas Special Frogman Sculpture – Rudolf

Rudolf - UK Christmas Special Frogman Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

Artworx Gallery are proud to present this stunning special Frogman release. Frogman creator, Tim Cotterill is very proud to celebrate his British Heritage and so has released this special sculpture for the Christmas Season only available within the UK. Celebrating this festive time of year, Rudolf is finished in an iconic rich red, gold and … Continue reading

Uk Exclusive Bronze Sculpture – Master Toad

Master Toad - UK Exclusive - Frogman Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

This unique and special Frogman Bronze Sculpture is only available in the UK with an incredibly small edition size of just 80, Master Toad is expected to sell out very quickly. Master Toad has been hand crafted using two very different special patina processes. The foiling effect on the back and the legs of the … Continue reading

Tinsel – UK Special Bronze by Tim Cotterill

Tinsel - by Tim Cotterill - Frogman Bronze Sculpture - UK Special

Due to Tim Cotterill’s British Heritage he is very proud to release special sculptures that are only available within the UK, to celebrate the Christmas Season he has created this stunning bronze sculpture, called ‘Tinsel’. Tinsel has a rich gold and silver patina, created with the use of silver nitrate and real silver on his … Continue reading

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