Seaside Adventures with Sherree Valentine Daines

Read about the latest collection by British Artist, Sherree Valentine Daines.

Original coastal paintings by Rozanne Bell

Detail taken from - As We Go Walking Along The Coast by Rozanne Bell

Artworx Gallery are proud to showcase two original paintings by artist, Rozanne Bell.¬† Bell combines a mixed media approach to her work, which is finished in a hand applied layer of resin, not only encapsulating the piece, but increasing the colour impact and protecting the paint underneath. Her naive and colourful work showcases an optimistic … Continue reading

Rozanne Bell

Close up of Harbour Hiave by Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell is the epitome of fun. She is a flamboyant gregarious character with a unique creative imagination that knows no bounds. Rozanne has a sunny disposition, full of originality and wit. She is an exciting and entertaining person; full of energy and vibrancy and her art mirrors all these qualities. Her work is full … Continue reading

Sherree Valentine Daines

Champagne Summer by Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines painting’s are instantly recognisable for her impressionistic style, expressive use of light with colour on each subject, and the nostalgic scenes she creates. She has a fantastic ability to capture British Life in affluent and elegant manner. Her work is highly collectable due to her signature style along with her connection with … Continue reading

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