Original art by Ruby Keller

Just Grazing by Ruby Keller. Original art available from Artworx Gallery

Keller’s mixed media paintings show a vibrant yet subtle use of colour, the way it captures the world around him on canvas appears almost spiritual. Ruby Keller is in fact the pseudonym for highly regarded artist, Peter Workwick. Peter has always challenged different styles and techniques, and painting under Ruby Keller give him this ability … Continue reading

Original Peter Worswick landscapes

Winter Morning [detail] by Peter Worswick

Peter Worswick’s paintings are highly collected across the UK and Europe. His subtle technique of muted colour, stunning depth and strong composition combine to offer a landscape full of atmosphere and dimension. ‘Winter Morning’ by Peter Worswick showcases a brilliant mixture icy cold land meeting the warmth and love of the sunshine. Peter was born … Continue reading

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