Walking Along The Thames with Nigel Cooke

Walking Along The Thames [detail] by Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke’s landscape paintings may not concentrate on the absolute detail, this is because he is more concerned with capturing the atmosphere and essence of the place he is painting. Born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, Nigel Cooke joined the Merchant Navy after leaving school and subsequently has held a number of jobs on the road … Continue reading

Paint dripping by Nigel Cooke

New York by Nigel Cooke - detail

Nigel Cooke has the talent and ability to paint a scene with an intense amount of detail using his own stylistic technique. Whilst his work ranges from serious cityscapes to comical characters his use of colour muted to create a deep sense of contrast. Cooke’s work echoes his years of creative experience whilst his dripped … Continue reading

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