Water Lily – A New Frogman Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

Tim Cotterill has released ‘Water Lily’ for the Christmas season which features a stunning yellow silver nitrate coloured frog, gazing up at a yellow ladybird whilst balancing on a flowering lily pad. This sculpture is inspired by Tim Cotterill’s own pond in California. ‘Water Lily’ is full of stunning colour and grace, making him a … Continue reading

Taking Flight – A Frogman Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

Taking Flight is the new piece by Tim Cotterill, aka. The Frogman. New for autumn 2011 this new piece contains the colour patina Tim used in some of his earliest frogs. This combination of green and black was so popular it has been used due to high demand. Taking Flight also features an exquisite butterfly, … Continue reading

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