British contemporary artist – Sarah Louise Ewing

The Moon and the Stars by Sarah Louise Ewing

Artworx Gallery are pleased to showcase a new original mixed media painting by contemporary British artist Sarah Louise Ewing, entitled The Moon and the Stars. Sarah’s work is bold and colourful with a light hearted twist. She uses a mixed media approach to deliver her heart-warming work, art that makes you feel at home. It … Continue reading

Wild Flower original art by Rozanne Bell

Popular contemporary artist Rozanne Bell has just released two original paintings currently on display at Artworx Gallery. Bell uses a mixed media approach to her work, encompassing ink, paint, shimmers of pigment and a final top layer of resin to give a glossy and wet-like finish to her stunning originals. Bell uses a heavy amounts … Continue reading

Sarah Louise Ewing by Natasha Cole

Sarah has been fascinated with drawing and painting from early childhood. At just 3 years of age, she presented her father with an accurate and fully 3D sketch of a pram. At the age of 9 she got her first set of oil paints and tried to paint a horse.   ” I have painted … Continue reading

Peacock Feathers by Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington’s work is truely unique and individual, not only is her work aesthetically beautiful, it also invites you to touch and feel the work. Artworx Gallery are proud to showcase one of her latest pieces, ‘Peacock Feathers’. The piece is part of a hand finished edition of just 195. Featuring three-dimensional aspects to the … Continue reading

Original coastal paintings by Rozanne Bell

Detail taken from - As We Go Walking Along The Coast by Rozanne Bell

Artworx Gallery are proud to showcase two original paintings by artist, Rozanne Bell.  Bell combines a mixed media approach to her work, which is finished in a hand applied layer of resin, not only encapsulating the piece, but increasing the colour impact and protecting the paint underneath. Her naive and colourful work showcases an optimistic … Continue reading

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