Stepping Stone – New Frogman Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

Stepping Stone - Frogman Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

‘Stepping Stone’ is the newest bronze sculpture to take a dip into the Frogman Pond. This stunning new sculpture exhibits Tim Cotterill’s talent of harmoniously fusing elegance and engineering in a single stance. A vibrant spring frog leaps to life as the winter’s snow fades. Tim Cotterill’s bronze frog sculptures are known for their lovable … Continue reading

Frogman Bronze Sculpture – Hug by Tim Cotterill

Frogman Bronze Sculpture 'Hug' by Tim Cotterill

Tim Cotterill has released an exclusive new bronze frog to join his cherished collection. This simply embraceable frog is enhanced by a ground-breaking speckled colour pantina, featuring brilliantly mottled layered pastel tones. Small in stature ‘Hug’ is large in personality and certain to grab attention. ‘Hug’ is a precious and treasured addition a truly admired … Continue reading

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