Up & Coming artist – Michael Claxton

Artworx Gallery present up and coming artist Michael Claxton to their portfolio of artists.

New Artist: David James

Crashing Waves by David James

David James is a brand new artist to exhibit at Artworx Gallery, Shropshire. His original paintings are highly descriptive and accurate accounts of times gone by. David James was born in London in 1944. He uses only the best quality art materials, both oils & acrylics, to ensure his work will last the test of … Continue reading

Capturing the Great British Countryside by Allan Morgan

Detail taken from 'Hay Field' by Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan is well known for his landscape paintings that depict a stunning array of colour, contrast and personification of the weather and landscape. His work can be perceived as the glimmer of hope through a chaotic storm, or an imposing fury overpowering over our tiny world. Morgan shows dominance between the sky and the … Continue reading

Turner inspired Ben Payne creates breathtaking landscape paintings

Ben Payne has built a reputation for creating artwork which is fresh, escapist and above all, uplifting. Born in Surrey in 1975, he began drawing portraits and painting as a hobby; by the age of 16 he was selling his work, and he has now developed into a major British talent. Although he is almost … Continue reading

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