Tower Bridge art by Joe Bowen

Detail taken from - HMS Belfast at Tower Bridge by Joe Bowen

Artworx Gallery are proud to present a new original painting by up and coming artist, Joe Bowen. Artworx have showcased Bowen’s work for a number of year now, featuring work of London and New York. Born in 1955, Bowen lives in the heart of mid Wales with his family, amongst rolling hills and valleys which … Continue reading

London and New York by Joe Bowen

Detail taken from - Times Square, NYC By Joe Bowen

This original painting by Joe Bowen showcases his ability to create a cityscape with character, energy and a timeless sense of style. Bowen has a keen eye for choosing a complimentary colour palette and his technique expresses anticipated detail. Joe’s work is finished with a layer of resin that creates a glossy water-like finish offering … Continue reading

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