Breakthrough artist Andrew Alan Johnson

Andrew Alan Johnson is a new up and coming artist within the UK collectable art scene. His work has exploded onto the walls of galleries across the country including that of Artworx Gallery based in Newport, a market town in Shropshire.  Johnson’s style of work is full of saturated colour, he uses an immense depth of … Continue reading

Wild Flower original art by Rozanne Bell

Popular contemporary artist Rozanne Bell has just released two original paintings currently on display at Artworx Gallery. Bell uses a mixed media approach to her work, encompassing ink, paint, shimmers of pigment and a final top layer of resin to give a glossy and wet-like finish to her stunning originals. Bell uses a heavy amounts … Continue reading

The Modern Master Painter – Lawrence Coulson

Lawrence Coulson is an artist who needs no introduction; his work has been compared to one of the great masters, Turner. His work takes you on a journey, overpowering you with emotional attachment to his atmospheric scenes. Coulson pushes the boundaries with his use of colour, often in vivid juxtaposed combinations, and at times delicately … Continue reading

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