AJ Callan paints semi-abstract sheep!

Shaggy Sheep Story by AJ Callan

A. J. Callan is well known in the art world and his work has been collected for many years.¬† His whole approach to his work allows him to create memorable and fun pieces of art. His use of texture, mixed media and complimenting colour palette fuse to create tactile and atmospheric work with a hint … Continue reading

Pigging Pig Paintings by AJ Callan

Detail taken from - Truffling by AJ Callan

Artworx Gallery are proud to announce a new artist to the gallery. AJ Callan’s work is colourful, full of humour and charisma. With his mixed media approach he brings a tactile element to his work. A.J. Callan was born in Glasgow in 1958. He showed a natural flair for art at a very young age. … Continue reading

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