New Star Wars inspired Collection by Craig Davison

Artworx Gallery is proud to present a new collection of Star Wars inspired signed limited edition prints by one of the UK’s most popular contemporary artists, Craig Davison.

Born in Sheffield during the 60s Davison always had creative tendencies, but it wasn’t until he managed to get a job as a cartoonist that he took his art seriously. Drawing every day developed his skills, and he soon moved on to work as an animator and games designer. This progressed into 3D sculpting and finally after winning a painting competition, Davison got his big break and started selling his art work in galleries across the country.

Blast ‘Em Chewy! by Craig Davison

Blast ‘Em Chewy! by Craig Davison

My childhood remains my biggest source of inspiration, trying to recapture endless summer holidays spent outdoors with friends.” – Craig Davison
Underestimate (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Underestimate (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Craig Davison is influenced by a graphic and urban style, he has painted work referencing Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Wonder Woman and James Bond along with many more. Davison starts each painting by adding a brown or orange colour wash to a white canvas. He sketches into the wet paint with a rag and then blocks out the shapes and shadows in a dark brown. He usually works on several paintings at any one time, in this way. Once the piece is dry, he adds definition with glazes of colour across the canvas, then finally paints over the figures again to give them a slightly naïve, grungy look.

Craig Davison’s work has a habit of capturing the essence of childhood fantasy with a nostalgic twist. His work is influenced by a comic book style, due to his previous design experience, with children in the foreground of each piece of work and their imagination allowing them to portray whoever they want to be in the form of a silhouette.

Many artists inspire me. Amongst them are the comic book artist Mike Mignola, the simplistic still characters of Yoshitomo Nara, the energy of Goya and the superb illustrations of N.C. Wyeth.” – Craig Davison
Hyperspace (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Hyperspace (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Blast ‘Em Chewy! (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Blast ‘Em Chewy! (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Skye Walker (Sketch) by Craig Davison

Skye Walker (Sketch) by Craig Davison

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