Sarah Louise Ewing by Natasha Cole

Sarah has been fascinated with drawing and painting from early childhood. At just 3 years of age, she presented her father with an accurate and fully 3D sketch of a pram. At the age of 9 she got her first set of oil paints and tried to paint a horse.  

” I have painted all my life – and hope to continue doing so.”- Sarah Louise Ewing.

Sarah’s background is in formal portraiture, where she honed her talent for detail and technical excellence. However, her latest body of work steps away from portraiture and into a world of abstract expressionism. In 2006, Sarah was identified by Turner Prize winning artists Gilbert and George, who praised her work for technical accomplishment. Sarah has exhibited widely, including shows at The Mall Galleries, London and the Society of Women Artists. Also her work has been published in national magazines and newspapers as well as appearing on ITV and channel 4 television.

Moonlit Mill by Sarah Louise Ewing

Moonlit Mill by Sarah Louise Ewing

” I absolutely love what I do, It’s my passion.” – Sarah Louise Ewing.
Moonlit Mill by Sarah Louise Ewing

Moonlit Mill by Sarah Louise Ewing

Sarah is exhibited in some of the UK’s leading contemporary galleries. Her latest collection draws inspiration from her rural Gloucestershire surroundings where her work addresses the tension between the movement and energy of colour. to create each piece, she uses a wide variety of media including plaster, paste, gesso, resin and semi-precious stones. She uses many techniques favoured by old masters.

Her work features idyllic environments with symbols of charm and positivity. Leaving a growing number of collectors eager for her work. Her use of colour, texture and innovative technique deliver intense paintings filled with depth and emotion making the images sing with energy.

For more information please visit

Sarah Louise Ewing at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01952 820397 or email
Artworx Gallery, 67 High Street, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7AU.

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  1. segmation says:

    What a nice combination of colors! Thanks for sharing.

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