Farm Animal Collection by Ruby Keller

Keller’s mixed media paintings show a vibrant yet subtle use of colour, the way it captures the world around him on canvas appears almost spiritual. In this latest collection Keller concentrates on capturing the life and character of farm animals, from Sheep, to cows, and Cockerels to Hares. Artworx Gallery are proud to showcase original paintings by Ruby Keller.

Ruby Keller is in fact the pseudonym for highly regarded artist, Peter Workwick. Peter has always challenged different styles and techniques, and painting under Ruby Keller give him this ability to explore the art boundaries. His work has been exhibited throughout the UK, including Kensington Palace, London. His work is also held in private collections worldwide.

Cockerel by Ruby Keller

Cockerel by Ruby Keller

Peter Worswick / Ruby Keller started life in a small town in Lancashire, following three years studying art and design, then travelled around Europe, setting in Paris for three years. Having recently returned to England he now lives and works in a studio in Cumbria.

Peter/Ruby believes in constant experimentation because, he says, “an artist’s work has to stay fresh, so he constantly needs new ideas. Evolution happens naturally as you strive to improve.” He delights in working with fabric textures and regularly changes his subject matter to set himself new challenges, to enhance his creativity and hone his skills in style, techniques and interpretation.

Pig by Ruby Keller

Pig by Ruby Keller

“People have often commented about how versatile I am with my style and subject matter, but to me as an artist I find this essential, it keeps my work fresh and I enjoy the challenge as I continuously strive to improve my work. I genuinely believe my work is a creative journey”. – Ruby Keller
Hare by Ruby Keller

Hare by Ruby Keller

For more information about Ruby Keller or his work, please visit:

Ruby Keller at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01952 820397 or email
Artworx Gallery, 67 High Street, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7AU.

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