Seaside adventures with Sherree Valentine Daines

Over the course of her impressive career Sherree has become one of the UK’s most collectable contemporary artists; with a discerning international following of art lovers, she enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the international arena. Sherree was born in Effingham, Surrey and studied fine art at Epsom School of Art. Her impressionistic approach lends a unique charm to each stunning, figurative composition, each detail is a creation of captivating elegance.

Technically brilliant and endlessly vigilant, she creates masterly evocations of some of the most beautiful elements of British life. The authenticity and accuracy of her observation is softened by her impressionistic approach, her subtle hand blending each detail into a creation of captivating elegance. She has recently released two new limited editions based on her collectable children paintings within the freedom of the seaside.

Sherree talks about her work, “As a Modern Impressionist and figurative artist I am fascinated by the effect of colour and light on a subject rather than the subject itself. I also love to explore the ideas of beauty and joie de vivre, so I tend to seek out scenes which guarantee I will find exactly what I’m looking for; days out at Henley, kite flying on Box Hill, trips to the seaside with the children, all these give me the inspiration I need. I find the colours, the movement, the fall of a piece of fabric, the interplay of light and shadow all cry out to be captured on canvas.”

Sunset at the Shore By Sherree Valentine Daines

Sunset at the Shore
By Sherree Valentine Daines

As one of the UK’s most formidable contemporary artists Sherree has an impressive track record of exhibitions at such venues as the Tate Gallery, the Barbican, the New English Art Club and the Lord’s Museum. Her unquestionable virtuosity has made her a favourite with many celebrity collectors including members of the British Royal Family. Famous names in the world of show-business have sat for her including Joanna Lumley and Michael Parkinson. She has been televised painting members of the England cricket team, and as official artist to the Rugby World Cup she produced magnificent commemorative portraits of Martin Johnson and Jonny Wilkinson, both of which were bought by the stars concerned. Her recent projects have included the publication of ‘First Impressions’, a stunning hardback book celebrating her life and career, and a starring role in the Christmas Special of the TV Series ‘To the Manor Bowen’ in which she was shown painting portraits of Jackie and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. But despite this impressive list of artistic achievements, her career evolved from almost whimsical beginnings.

Sherree adds, “Children make a wonderful subject for an artist. When you encounter that level of natural freedom and lack of pretension it can be very liberating and I find that I engage with my subject in a completely different way. I am generally rather a stickler for the somewhat classical attributes of balance and technical accuracy, but with these paintings the censor in my head finds it hard to keep pace with my paintbrush. Consequently they are amongst my most spontaneous and I hope they communicate some of the joy I experience when I create them.”

“My art is based on observation, interpretation, beauty, form and compositional balance, and I use oils on canvas which I believe to be the purest medium available. But while I adhere to these traditional artistic values I still operate strictly within the parameters of modern life, painting decisive moments from rugby matches or producing portraits of TV presenters in front of cameras, in a way that I trust communicates with a contemporary audience.”

Rockpool Delight By Sherree Valentine Daines

Rockpool Delight
By Sherree Valentine Daines

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