A Hundred Thousand Dollar Todd White

Todd White has long been the darling of the glamorous LA art community, and his popularity was highlighted yet again when a pieces of his work was show on the hit US TV series Beverly Hills Cop, where it was described as “A Hundred Thousand Dollar Todd White”.

Todd was contacted by the producers asking if they could use one of his paintings as Barry Sonnenfeld, the director of ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Get Shorty’ is such a huge fan of Todd’s. View the clip below.

Todd White is an artist whose profile and popularity have increased to the point where his distinctive style and iconic status are recognised across the world. White experimented with both style and concept, eventually arriving at a process that now guides him through every piece. Until White can conceptually see the story in his head, he won’t paint. He always names his pieces first, visualises faces and personalities and then develops each person’s story. The stark, unblemished delivery of his subjects is very much intended – what isn’t necessary to the story doesn’t go onto the canvas.

Born in 1969 in Texas, he came from humble roots. During his twenties he took an opportunity and relocated to Hollywood, where one of his key career spells came in the field of animation. Through character development at some of the most renowned production studios he began to forge his own artistic style, and became part of the lead design and animation team for the international hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Always on the Run by Todd White

Always on the Run by Todd White

White’s paintings are captivating, demanding repeated viewings, and often evoking laughter or thoughts of familiar emotions. His desire to reveal his subjects’ innermost feelings provide timeless scenes of attraction and intimacy; beneath the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters there is truth, both ours and theirs.

We experience the subjects in White’s work every day, but because his perspective is so unusual he alters the way we perceive the people we encounter and the roles we play around each other. He studies body language, utilizing the nuances of his source material to capture the subtleties of what one shows and what one hides.

He was chosen from hundreds of artists as the Official Artist of the GRAMMY® Awards in 2007, the world’s most prestigious music event, and in 2009, Todd was invited by Warner Bros. to contribute to a major design exhibition celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.

Following a string of record-breaking shows in the UK, Todd returned to the US to even greater acclaim, and has since become one of the most collectable and successful living artists in the world.

She Still Likes To Feel The Pages by Todd White

She Still Likes To Feel The Pages by Todd White

Check out Todd’s current collection at

Todd White at Artworx Gallery

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