Caroline Shotton’s Cow paintings ooze charm

Caroline Shotton’s cow paintings are full of character, attitude and amusement. Artworx Gallery are proud to present her latest collection inspired by ‘Love’. Nestled together in their barns, these cows ooze happiness, unity and harmony.

“There was an old tree house in the garden when we moved into our new home last year ad although dilapidated, it exuded charm and memories of times gone by; happy times of the previous owners’ children playing, now all grown up. These piece were a pleasure to paint. They’re timeless family portraits which could have been taken four, or forty years ago.” – Caroline Shotton.

Caroline started painting cows whilst pregnant with her first son. It was on a country walk near her home that she spotted a cow in a nearby field and decided to paint this comical character in her son’s nursery. She’s been painting cows ever since. Caroline said, “I never tire of painting my cows.”

Shotton studied at Central Saint Martins in London, and went onto freelance in the commercial art sector where she took on large and bespoke commissions. Caroline now paints full time in her home based studio. She recently adapted from acrylics to using oils in her paintings, and uses a lengthy layering process to achieve a three dimensional appearance to her work. What makes her art different from other fine artists is the simplicity and humour she brings to her pieces. Her work is highly collected worldwide and her style is instantly recognised.

Home Is Where The Heart Is By Caroline Shotton

Home Is Where The Heart Is
By Caroline Shotton

Caroline talks about her inspirations and techniques, “I generally have a clear vision of what’s going on the canvas and my preparation involves collating reference material relating to the theme of the painting and some very rough preliminary drawings, although sometimes I sketch straight on to the canvas and allow the piece to develop of its own accord.”

“I use layers of paper, paint and varnish to accentuate particular areas and to create a tactile surface. This invariably takes time to dry so I work on a number of canvasses simultaneously.”

“I begin by a applying a subtle texture to the whole canvas using primer and tissue paper, roughly sketch out the composition and block in the larger areas of colour. The image is very abstract at this stage but I’m not precious about keeping within a particular line as this will change as the painting evolves. Next I work on the background design and the main image, paying close attention to balance their relationship as the more intricate backgrounds can easily become overbearing and detract from the whole concept of the piece. I then pipe a line of paint around the outer edges of the main image to differentiate it further from the background.”

“When it’s near completion I apply a layer of varnish and paint over the whole canvas to unite the background to the figure. While this is drying I step back and view the piece from a distance, this enables me to decide which areas need any tone adjustment, and to make sure the facial expressions are correct. Lastly, I work on the fine detail. The eyes are the most important element and finest brushstrokes can change the character and personality immensely.”

Home Sweet Home By Caroline Shotton

Home Sweet Home
By Caroline Shotton

All You Need Is Love By Caroline Shotton

All You Need Is Love
By Caroline Shotton

For more information about Caroline Shotton and her work please visit

Caroline Shotton at Artworx Gallery

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Artworx Gallery, 67 High Street, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7AU.

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