Film Noir Inspired Paintings by Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland is celebrated for his fantastic rainy scenes that offer a strong, yet open narrative. Anyone who has felt love and intimacy can relate to his emotive paintings. Jeff Rowland paints from his studio on the North East Coast, near Newcastle and claims his inspiration for painting rain soaked streets comes from his love of cinema. Using a traditional film noir inspired style, Rowland works into each piece exposing the tiny details, whilst allowing the viewer to make their own interpretation. Jeff talks about his work,

“I like to let the viewer of the painting make their own mind up about what is happening with the characters in the composition. I like to add street signs pointing in two different directions suggesting that these two people are coming together, or are they splitting up? Maybe they are having an affair; is their love a secret or are they simply going back to where they first met? I always take great influence from my surroundings and what I see in cinema and film. My work is always driven from the cinematic perspective of the film directors and classic movies of the fifties and sixties. The black and white film noir genre has its place within my work, giving it a strong influence, along with an ever present romantic element.”

A Lover’s Stroll
“Autumn is always a very special time of the year, and is symbolised by the changing colours in nature. I am lucky enough to live near a wooded area and took some time out to look at the effects of autumn on the landscape as inspiration for my autumnal paintings. This composition is set in a forest showing all of the colours of autumn. This meant that I would have to take a different approach to my use of colour; my palette is usually one of grey and blue, but this time I have chosen to use warmer tones. The composition has a couple walking together through woods in falling rain, and I am showing that despite a change of colour, it is still possible to portray the romantic cinematic genre of film noir.”

A Lover's Stroll by Jeff Rowland

A Lover’s Stroll by Jeff Rowland

Boulevard Embrace
“This is one of my classic scenes. Set against a French background, it depicts a couple walking along a street in Paris. The classic tall French building appears to be a hotel with a bar/restaurant. I have tried to recreate the ending of a great romantic film; the street is empty and they are walking alone in the falling rain. I want to take the viewer on a journey of their own and let them imagine what is happening within the painting. Does the combination of rain and Paris make this so romantic? What better place than Paris for romance? I want the viewer to create their own narrative.”

Boulevard Embrace by Jeff Rowland.

Boulevard Embrace by Jeff Rowland

Whatever The Weather
“The changing seasons have also made an impact on my recent work, with the result of some challenging pieces. I worked on some compositions set in the autumn and winter, which gave me a chance to paint the ever changing colour of trees at this time of the year, and set them against my falling rain. I felt that this also complimented the cinematic atmosphere. The bitter winter that we have all experienced brings many problems, but it also brings with it an element of beauty and can transform a mundane scene into an image of atmospheric wonder. I took a look at some of the surrounding areas where I live and found beautiful scenes created by the snow fall.”
– Jeff Rowland

Whatever The Weather by Jeff Rowland

Whatever The Weather by Jeff Rowland

The entire collection is now on display at Artworx Gallery, for more information about Jeff Rowland and his work visit

Jeff Rowland at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01952 820397 or email
Artworx Gallery, 67 High Street, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7AU

3 Responses to “Film Noir Inspired Paintings by Jeff Rowland”
  1. Hi
    As a “fan” for want of a better word I enjoyed you comments & review of Jeff’s work “Film Noir Inspired Paintings by Jeff Rowland” and ask if you would give your approval of reproduction on my website ? Obviously fully credited and a linked back to your site. Thanks in advance, Brian

    • Good morning Brian,

      Thank you for your message. It is a pleasure to hear from a such a devoted Jeff Rowland enthusiast, his work is truly stunning. I’ve managed to have a quick look at your website, and feel it is remarkable what you have achieved. I wish you all the best, and welcome you to the gallery to view our large Jeff Rowland collection, if you find yourself in the Staffordshire area.

      Kind regards,
      Ashley Corrigan
      Artworx Gallery
      Tel: 01543 502971

      • Thank you, I have updated my site ( and included your article “Film Noir Inspired Paintings” with credits to atrworx and appropriate backlinks. If you have anything new to share with my readers I welcome your submission. Especially if Jeff pays a visit to Artworx! Thanks again, much appreciated. Brian

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