How to accessorise your home with contemporary art

It is more popular than ever to start your own art collection. Artworx Gallery specialises in contemporary original and limited edition art, sculpture and glassware. If you are thinking of adding that artistic touch to your home or office here are a few points to consider before you invest:

In the Kitchen with 'The Lovers' by Peter Smith

In the Kitchen with ‘The Lovers’ by Peter Smith

In the Living Room with art by Craig Davison

In the Living Room with art by Craig Davison

Why do people invest in art?
Investing in art can enhance an environment, either at home or work; it could be purchased to mark a special occasion, i.e. A birthday or anniversary. Art is about your personal statement, it is not only the artist’s expression, it is also your own.

Where do I start?
The first step in choosing art for your home is to narrow down styles and techniques you enjoy. Are you interested in more modern work? Or something that is quite traditional? Will the piece have to fit with a certain colour palette? This is something your gallery specialist can help you with. Of course you may not know what you are looking for and leave it to chance!

In the living room with 'Happy Fa-Moo-Ly' by Caroline Shotton

In the living room with ‘Happy Fa-Moo-Ly’ by Caroline Shotton

In the Living Room with 'Enlightened' by Richard Rowan

In the Living Room with ‘Enlightened’ by Richard Rowan

Where is it going to go?
If you have an idea of where you want to hang or stand the work, be sure to accurately measure the space and piece. Measuring by eye can be a dangerous game, as work usually appears smaller in a gallery setting due to the vast wall space. Also consider the colour palette of your room and the piece of art. There are art collectors that have designed their rooms around a single painting, pulling direct colour matches from painting to wall. The larger and more colourful the piece of art you are investing in the more subtle and mute your room colours may need to be. This highlights the work, making it the focus of the room, but also unclutters the room giving the illusion of more space.

Some art can be dramatically enhanced with the use of a spotlight or picture light, it does not need to be an intense light, just something to add definition and highlight features. To preserve the life of your art collection make sure the work is kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. To get the most out of your art investment make sure it is either hung correct, it is usually recommended to use two picture hooks, as it not only adds security, but also remains level over time, compare to art hung from a single point. It is also deemed correct to hang the centre of the frame at eye level, although rules are meant to be broken and if you are going for a particular effect or style to fit with the contours of the room then make your own rules.

Should I buy art as an investment?
Whilst there can be alot of profit gained in buying and selling art, only ever buy a piece if you genuinely love it. Whilst the art market is never a sure thing, at least you will always have a piece of art that you can timelessly enjoy and cherish.

In the Living Room with pieces are art by Jeff Rowland

In the Living Room with pieces of art by Jeff Rowland

In the living room with art by Doug Hyde

In the living room with art by Doug Hyde

How much should I spend?
Many collectors begin buying smaller pieces of art to begin their collection, and then expand to larger purchases over time. The best art collections give the most enjoyment to their owners, regardless of their size or value. You can discuss your budget with the gallery specialist at Artworx Gallery and they can help you find the perfect piece of art to suit you. Artworx Gallery even offers Interest Free Credit, making it more affordable to own work by the world’s most celebrated artists.

Finally, before you buy…
Ask yourself who else has bought this artist’s work? Don’t be afraid to be the first to invest, even if it is a new artist on the art market, after all Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime. Bear in mind during the course of an artist’s career as their popularity increases so may their asking prices, also after an artist passes away their work usually increases in value. Does the work emotionally interact with you? Also, will you regret not buying it? Make sure you don’t miss out on something that could change your life.

In the Bedroom with art by Danielle O'Connor Akiyama

In the Bedroom with art by Danielle O’Connor Akiyama

For further information visit:

Artworx Gallery

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