Craig Davison and the Magnificent Seven

Craig Davison’s work has a habit of capturing the essence of childhood fantasy with a nostalgic twist, his newest release is no exception, concentrating on The Great Escape, George Best, Clint Eastwood, and The Magnificent Seven. His work is influenced by a comic book style, due to his previous design experience, with children in the foreground of each piece of work and their imagination allowing them to portray whoever they want to be in the form of a silhouette. Davison has previously created work referencing Charlies Angels, Batman, The Three and Musketeers. Each painting taken from Davison’s newest release fantasies about the hero we were inspired by as children.

“Many artists inspire me. Amongst them are the comic book artist Mike Mignola, the simplistic still characters of Yoshitomo Nara, the energy of Goya and the superb illustrations of N.C. Wyeth. For the paintings I’m currently producing, the inspiration is obvious; my childhood! I try to capture the endless summer holidays spent out on my bike with friends, rescuing Mexican villages from bandits!” – Craig Davison

Yeehah! The Return of The Magnificent Seven’ by Craig Davison
The hooves of the galloping horses stir a vast cloud of dust as the Magnificent Seven ride again towards new adventures. Fresh dangers will be faced in the baking desert of New Mexico: scorpions, rattlesnakes, mountain lions, bandits, vampires, giant robots, and invading aliens, but one terror alone chills their blood with fear… catching your flares in your bike chain!

'Yeehah! The Return of The Magnificent Seven' by Craig Davison

‘Yeehah! The Return of The Magnificent Seven’ by Craig Davison

‘The Great-ish Escape’ by Craig Davison
“Achtung! Halt!”, is all he can hear, as the yelling battalion of Germans open fire at him. He swerves the motorbike to avoid the flying bullets, glad that he managed to grab the bike after emerging from the tunnel of Stalag 30 Junior School. Now all he has to do is clear four paving slabs with his make shift ramp, four paving slabs to anyone else, but to the WW2 hotshot American pilot, a ten foot barbed wire fence. Paddling furiously the engine roars as he lines up perfectly with the plywood board propped on a breeze-block. With the wind rushing through his hair he hits the ramp and soars into the air before landing on the other side of the barbed-wire in Switzerland – A Free man!!

'The Great-ish Escape' by Craig Davison

‘The Great-ish Escape’ by Craig Davison

‘He Shoots… He Scores’ by Craig Davison
With a drop of the shoulder and a skilful swerve around the opposing lamp post, the star player sprints the length of the pitch, before side stepping the midfield dustbin to get deep into the penalty box. A quick shimmy gets him past a defending house brick, before a perfect strike sends the can under the washing line for a spectacular goal! The crowd roar knowing the young boy has secured the League title, FA Cup, European Championship and World cup yet again.

'He Shoots... He Scores' by Craig Davison

‘He Shoots… He Scores’ by Craig Davison

For a Few Quavers More by Craig Davison
Squinting into the sun, the boy with no name silently watched as the 20 gunslingers slowly surround him. As the bell in the whitewashed church tower chimed ominously, hands hovered nervously above the holstered guns, Winchester rifles clicked ready to fire, brows beaded with sweat and mouths grey dry, as over head, vultures circled anticipating the feast to come. Still squinting at the thugs looming around him, our hero in a blur of speed reaches for his gun, 20 shots ring out from his 6 gun, and before the smoke has settled he’s peddling off into the sunset as fast as he can, after all mums cooking pie and chips tonight!

'For A Few Quavers More' by Craig Davison

‘For A Few Quavers More’ by Craig Davison

For more information about Craig Davison and his work visit:

Craig Davison at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively call 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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