Capturing City Life by Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke has the talent and ability to paint a scene with an intense amount of detail using his own stylistic technique. Whilst his work ranges from serious cityscapes to comical characters he uses muted colour to create a deep sense of contrast. Cooke’s work echoes his years of creative experience whilst his dripped paint approach gives texture and a three dimensional finish.

A Day In Paris by Nigel Cooke - ORIGINAL ART

A Day In Paris by Nigel Cooke – ORIGINAL ART

Born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, Nigel Cooke joined the Marchant Navy after leaving school and subsequently has held a number of jobs on the road to becoming a full-time artist. He sold his first painting at the age of 14 and joined Butlins as their resident caricaturist and entertainer in 1992.

He later went onto open caricature concessions on Blackpool’s ‘Central Pier’ and ‘Pleasure Beach’, the ‘Trafford Centre Mall’ in Manchester and ‘Alton Towers’. During this time he estimates the number of caricatures completed from live sittings to be in excess of 50,000.

He has also worked as a character designer for the Hong Kong based C.I.M. International and remains a member of the National Caricature Network in the USA, a body he joined in 1996.

Cooke’s original paintings are exhibited throught the Brtitish Isles in several of the country’s top galleries, and is collected worldwide.

A Day In Paris by Nigel Cooke - ORIGINAL ART - Detail

A Day In Paris by Nigel Cooke – ORIGINAL ART – Detail

‘A Day in Paris’ by Nigel Cooke is a true spectacle of his talent, whilst he has used a muted colour palette, he has maintained a buzz about the city, and yet he has captured the beautiful of this iconic landscape. There are almost two layers to this piece, the top half fulfilling the way the rest of the world views Paris, and the bottom half showcasing the day to day life of a typical Parisian street. Cooke has created a harmonic composition with ‘A Day in Paris’, offering space to breathe, around the statement of the Eiffel Tower, and a flurry of autumnal trees just waiting to drop their leaves.

New York City Streets by Nigel Cooke - ORIGINAL ART

New York City Streets by Nigel Cooke – ORIGINAL ART

‘New York City Streets’ by Nigel Cooke. Nigel has taken a bold decision whilst painting this piece by creating a rule of thirds composition with two thirds above the horizon line and one third below, this echos the vastness of the over towering buildings. ‘New York City Streets’ is a story told from a first person narrative, it could be the viewer walking across the road in New York with a quick glance of the road. This piece depicts a fantastic juxtaposition of inner city living with hard straight lines placed in contrast of his wonderfully unregimented and unruly trees. Whilst ‘New York City Streets’ seems bustling and busy in the distance as the cabs and vehicles wait at the traffic lights on the next block, there is a certain level of calm, like time has slowed down to offer a view into the big apple.

New York City Streets by Nigel Cooke - ORIGINAL ART - Detail

New York City Streets by Nigel Cooke – ORIGINAL ART – Detail

For more information about Nigel Cooke and his work visit:

Nigel Cooke at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively call 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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