Impossimal Collection by Peter Smith

Artworx Gallery are proud to present the new collection of limited editions by the highly popular artist, Peter Smith. Peter shares his most precious creatures, The Impossimals with his many devoted collectors. With four distinctive pieces to this new collection there is something for every Impossimal fan, whether it be feeling loved, the constant battle with the scales, or simply cuddling on the safest place on earth – the sofa.

Peter talks about his inspiration, “People ask me where I get my ideas from, the quirky animals, the strong colours and strange concepts, but I see them everyday in the street, the people I meet, the feelings I experience. At the end of every day I have hundreds of images fighting for my attention and the chance to be painted; quite often I get carried away with excitement and fill my sketchbook from cover to cover within hours, which although it can be emotionally draining, the flood of ideas each one linking the next, allows me to evolve my work on paper very rapidly giving me such a rich source of reference material.”

The Lovers by Peter Smith
This new piece shows reference to a recent sculpture also titled ‘The Lovers’, embodying a loving couple embracing each other. It could be viewed ‘The Lovers’ is an inspiring homage to the famous painting ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt.

An opulent collection of gold, flowers and hearts dancing around two intimately entwined Impossimals, in love, with love, have love. an impossimal love story.” – Peter Smith
The Lovers by Peter Smith

The Lovers by Peter Smith

One At A Time Please by Peter Smith
I’m sure the damn thing lies, no matter how little of my body touches the scales it always screams out a random set of numbers that looks like I have just asked the price of a ticket to Peru. From lips to hips it mocks, even it’s number eight looks strangely rotund as if mocking in some general fashion. I will however beat you Mr Scales, it may take some time but one day I may make you make me smile.

One At A Time Please by Peter Smith

One At A Time Please by Peter Smith

Together Forever by Peter Smith
A Time to enjoy a time to share,
A moment to pause, reflect and declare,
A forever love,
For we are both already there.

Forever Together by Peter Smith

Forever Together by Peter Smith

Home Comforts by Peter Smith
“I couldn’t wait to share “Home Comforts” with you, based on a real family I wanted to do two things, firstly capture family life centred around the most recognisable bit of furniture and also include what a simple sofa meant to me.”

It was a ship when I was small, a climbing frame as I grew, a place to eat when I was a teenager and now a place to sit, contentedly, and lose myself in everything it has seen. Settee, big chair or cushion catcher, call it what you will, to me a sofa will always feel like home and with a family, it becomes complete.To get this as accurate as possible though required the modelling of the entire room, starting of course with a balsa wood and plasticine sofa” – Peter Smith

“All the Impossimals were then modelled, placed and posed until it look right, then I added a cat on the arm and a dog of the floor to recreate an every family scene but with enough characteristics in it to reflect the real life subjects. I dropped in a mug and added a hastily painted backdrop for detail. Finally the whole scene was lit using two spotlights, one from the front pointing through a square aperture cut into cardboard giving the effect of a TV glow and secondly a blue light from the left to simulate the light from another room.” – Peter Smith

Home comforts by Peter Smith

Home comforts by Peter Smith

For more information about Peter Smith and his work please visit

Peter Smith at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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