Cinematic Paintings by Jeff Rowland

Artworx Gallery are proud to present a new collection of work by Jeff Rowland – The Famous Rainmaker artist. His work is based on a theme of lovers caught in the falling rain, paintings that make the viewer imagine their own interpretation of what is happening within the composition. They are largely inspired by film and cinema.

Jeff goes onto explain his inspiration behind this new body of work“I have always loved the work of the great film directors, David Lean and Sergio Leone. Lean, with his atmospheric direction of 19th century London streets in the film ‘Oliver’, to his misty train station in the film ‘Brief Encounter’. Leone seems a million miles away from my work, yet I thought his huge street shots of New York in ‘Once Upon A Time in America’ had beauty and atmosphere. I always set my paintings in the rain because it is symbolic. After listening to an interview with film director Sam Mendez explaining why he filmed one of the greatest rain scenes in cinema history in this film ‘The Road to Perdition’, he explained that the rain scene nearer the end of the film represents change, whether that change is in a relationship or a change to the mood of the film. This struct me as a wonderful means to paint a couple caught in this rain giving the viewer their own interpretation to the narrative. In the following paintings I have tried to capture the cinematic beauty of these directors while remaining faithful to my own style of work .”


And I Looked into Your Eyes by Jeff Rowland
“This piece is  influenced by some of the views I had of Berkley Square in London. I have always been attracted to trees in paintings and following the success I have had with others works of mine that have depicted trees, I decided to keep this in mind. It depicts a couple at the gates to a park. The scene is set on a rainy night The scene is set on a rainy night against a backdrop of trees providing that cinematic feel. I felt that this was a good combination to create a narrative to the piece. The c0uple may be saying good night, may have met at that rendezvous, or maybe just be saying ‘I love you’ with a kiss.
– Jeff Rowland

And I Looked into Your Eyes by Jeff Rowland

And I Looked into Your Eyes by Jeff Rowland

Is It Raining In New York City? by Jeff Rowland
All that I have tried to achieve in paintings is within this image. Again we have a couple caught in the rain catching a classic New York yellow cab, set against the backdrop of the very iconic Manhattan Bridge, I have tried to recreate that 50’s feel using my trade mark colours of blues and grays yet, unlike the black and white films, I have the warmth and sanctuary of the New York cab. This I feel gives a warming atmosphere to what could be a sold painting. Looking at the composition it still gives out a narrative to the viewer and an option to make of the story, what you will.
– Jeff Rowland

Is It Raining In New York City? by Jeff Rowland

Is It Raining In New York City? by Jeff Rowland

Somewhere in the Crowd there’s You by Jeff Rowland
“This painting, I feel is a firect influence from both film directors Leone and Lean. Here we have a composition of a British street scene in the rain full of the hustle and bustle of city life. We can see that it is a British street scene, probably London, because of the red routemaster buses. Once again I have tired to portray the cinematic appear in the work. It reminds me of a shot from a John Mills film, set in London. The man is the centre of the painting, he is looking for the woman that he may have arranged a rendezvous with. He then sees her, waiting there underneath the street lamps almost hidden within the crowd. It’s that classic catching of the eyes from two people. This could be portrayed as love at first sights, or it is a blind date? – Jeff Rowland

Somewhere in the Crowd there's You by Jeff Rowland

Somewhere in the Crowd there’s You by Jeff Rowland

For more information about Jeff Rowland and his work visit

Jeff Rowland at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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