Staffordshire Artist Darren Hames captures iconic faces

1st September – 29th September
‘Idol’ Pop Art Exhibition by Darren Hames at Artworx Gallery

Darren’s debut exhibition highlights his love of music and Iconic faces from the past including Twiggy, Mick Jagger and Ali. His influence to paint these portraits comes from his musicality and his admiration of great artists, together with his fascination of the features and expressions of such icons that captivate his inspiration to paint.

Mick Jagger by Darren Hames

Mick Jagger by Darren Hames

Darren uses a blend of acrylic paint and pencil to achieve his stylistic interpretation of cherished faces through time. With a mixture of organic shapes against the hard line of the pencil there is a great deal of juxtaposition in his work. His work is heavily reliant on tone and exposing of highlights through an evolution of simplicity. It is only upon closer inspection that the viewer can see the fine lines of pencil Darren uses in his work to highlight detail and create contrast.

Darren’s natural aptitude and flare for contemporary art developed from an early age. Born in Staffordshire, by day he works as an Architectural Technician; a job which requires precision and design. He transfers this dexterity into his artwork with its crisp lines and accuracy when painting. With a talent for en-capturing iconic faces in a creative pop art style, he uses only black and white enhancing the striking features of any form.

Darren’s collection of work will be on display for the public throughout September 2012. All pieces on display at available to purchase, for more details please contact Artworx Gallery, Tel: 01543 502971.

Louis Armstrong by Darren Hames

Louis Armstrong by Darren Hames

Muhammad Ali by Darreen Hames

Muhammad Ali by Darreen Hames

Bob Marley by Darren Hames

Bob Marley by Darren Hames

Twiggy by Darren Hames

Twiggy by Darren Hames

For more information about Darren Hames and his paintings please contact:

Artworx Gallery
Tel: 01543 502971 or email:
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ

Alternatively contact Darren Hames directly on:

One Response to “Staffordshire Artist Darren Hames captures iconic faces”
  1. ben gentles says:

    I am inspired by young Darrens work, the attention to detail and exquisite contrast really highlights the characters features..

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