Art by TV Personality – Timmy Mallett

Artworx Gallery are proud to showcase two new original paintings by TV personality, Timmy Mallett. The well known British artist is building momentum around his versatile and colourful artistic endeavours. He thoroughly loves painting and takes his inspiration from the country and trips across the world. His many and varied paintings glow with colour, along with an appreciation of texture, composition and impressionism. His work has been admired and exhibited throughout the UK and Europe, and Mallett is followed by many established art collectors.

Ocean Of Poppies by Timmy Mallett *ORIGINAL*

Ocean Of Poppies by Timmy Mallett *ORIGINAL*

Ocean of Poppies by Timmy Mallett *ORIGINAL*

Detail – Ocean of Poppies by Timmy Mallett *ORIGINAL*

Mallett was recently asked to take part in a sculpture installation to mark the 25th anniversary of ChildLine, he free confidential helpline and online service for young people. The installation was part of the BT ArtBox project – a vast, open-air exhibition taking over London’s streets. He painted one of the famous British red telephone boxes, titled ‘Ring-a Royal-Phonebox’.

He chose to paint the royal’s on the phone box, and went onto explain his idea, “I was always intrigued by the idea of the Royals in a phonebox and started with a huge Union Jack rippling over the back of the box, following the contours of it’s iconic shape. I then put three members of the Royal Family in each of the windows. Her Majesty the Queen, beneath the royal standard looking quite excited to be on the phone with her beloved corgi at her feet.”

“Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in that stunning blue dress on her iPhone with a golden pram behind her. We’re all excited by the prospect of a baby and it would be nice to speculate!”

“The third window shows Prince Harry in that classic Usain Bolt pose – it is the Olympic year of course – with an old fashioned push button A and B phone and one of those postcards so often found in phoneboxes today! Except this one has a altogether more acceptable message!”

Timmy Mallett

Timmy Mallett

A love of painting came at an early age to Timmy and he studied History of Art as part of his degree at Warwick University. In recent years he has enjoyed a keen artistic friendship and interaction with Rolf Harris. Rolf says, ” He is an enthusiastic and exciting artist…. ‘I’m knocked out by his work’.

Timmy also recently won the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild Award of ‘Best Up and Coming Artist 2012’.

Timmy Mallett at the Fine Art Trade Awards 2012

Timmy Mallett at the Fine Art Trade Awards 2012

Sunflower Meadow by Timmy Mallett *ORIGINAL*

Sunflower Meadow by Timmy Mallett *ORIGINAL*

For more information about Timmy Mallett and his work visit:

Timmy Mallett at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively call 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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