Painting on Glass by Richard Rowan

Richard Rowan is a great British artist who paints in a unique style, capturing the almighty atmosphere and relationship between the sky and the land. The whole painting process is created in reverse with oil on glass and so he has had to completely re-teach himself to paint. His breathtaking technique is the complete opposite of any normal painting as the foreground detail is painted in first, whilst the background is added last.

Artworx Gallery are currently showcasing two rare originals by Rowan available to purchase. What makes his original work so sensational is the detail he adds to the work and it’s extraordinary framing. From the front, the frame appears normal, but once you look at the back of the piece you see where a board would normally cover the back of the work, there is a small window to show exactly where the paint has been added.

Terre by Richard Rowan - Original

Terre by Richard Rowan – Original

Richard usually works on several paintings at a time due to the drying time between stages of creating each painting. He applies different coats of oil paint with a selection of tools including brushes, knives and even his own fingers moving the paint, before and after the paint sets to get the right feel to each piece. He describes his unique process, “I do like to challenge myself with difficult work. Painting oil on glass can make you want to tear your hair out, but is also satisfying at the same time. When I sit down to paint I want to paint better than the last time; pushing the boundaries of what I can do. Once I finish a painting I want people to look at the piece and be drawn in and find themselves lost in my work.”

Désir by Richard Rowan - Original

Désir by Richard Rowan – Original

Original Oil paintings on glass by Richard Rowan

Original Oil paintings on glass by Richard Rowan

For more information about Richard Rowan and his work visit

Richard Rowan at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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