Original Peter Worswick landscapes

Peter Worswick’s paintings are highly collected across the UK and Europe. His subtle technique of muted colour, stunning depth and strong composition combine to offer a landscape full of atmosphere and dimension. ‘Winter Morning’ by Peter Worswick showcases a brilliant mixture icy cold land meeting the warmth and love of the sunshine.

Winter Morning by Peter Worswick *ORIGINAL*

Winter Morning by Peter Worswick *ORIGINAL*

Peter was born in 1960 in Lancashire. Throughout his art career he has won many awards and is now an honorary member of The International Guild of Artist. Peter’s work has been published in the UK and Europe and his paintings are in private collections throughout the world. Peter’s growing reputation in the art market has been enhanced with the steady rise in demand and value of his original work. He now exhibits regularly in London including Kensington Palace. “People have often commented about how versatile I am with my style and subject matter, but to me as an artist I find this essential, it keeps my work fresh and I enjoy the challenge as I continuously strive to improve my work. I genuinely believe my work is a creative journey”.

Peter believes in constant experimentation because, he says, ‘an artist’s work has to stay fresh, so he constantly needs new ideas. Evolution happens naturally as you strive to improve.‘ He delights in working with fabric textures and regularly changes his subject matter to set himself new challenges, to enhance his creativity and hone his skills in style, techniques and interpretation.

Winter Morning [detail] by Peter Worswick

Winter Morning [detail] by Peter Worswick

For more information about Peter Worswick and his work visit:

Peter Worswick at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively call 01543 502971 or email info@artworx.co.uk
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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