Kaiser Chief album painted by Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham is a British artist who paints with a sense of photo realism with the added human presence of exaggerating each reflection, shadow and richness of colour. One of her paintings has been chosen as the cover for the Kaiser Chiefs new album ‘Souvenir : The Singles 2004 – 2012’.

Sarah Graham's painting used on the cover of the new Kaiser Chiefs Album

Sarah Graham’s painting used on the cover of the new Kaiser Chiefs Album

Sarah shares a few words about this experience, “I was thrilled to be asked to paint a piece for the band, I distinctly remember first hearing the track ‘Oh My God’ back in 2004, and instantly loved it. I even remember the day their album was released in early 2005; I was at Virgin megastore Oxford Street, for a Rufus Wainwright signing (who else!) and saw Peanut & Simon from the band checking out their album on the shelves. I was too nervous to approach them at the time, it’s surreal to think in a few months my artwork will be gracing those very same shelves!”

“The actual idea to have rock made with the band and album name running through it came from lead singer, Ricky Wilson, after playing a recent gig in Blackpool while on the British leg of their current world tour. Ricky’s own background in art and love of photo-realism lead him to first approach me in 2008, to potentially produce album artwork then, however that opportunity sadly fell through.”

“Ricky and I remained in contact, and four years on finally got the chance to collaborate on an idea. Of course the theme couldn’t be more perfect for me, and I can’t think of a more iconic and thoroughly British way to visualise the band’s souvenir concept than a stick of seaside rock. After an extensive photo-shoot of the rock in my studio (the lights did cause the rock to melt at one point!); the band, record company and I all unanimously agreed on a final image, and I began the job of enhancing and bringing it to life in paint.”

Top Of The Pops by Sarah Graham - Available at Artworx Gallery

Top Of The Pops by Sarah Graham – Available at Artworx Gallery

A large body of Sarah’s recent work is currently on display at Artworx Gallery, Staffordshire. For more details visit www.artworx.co.uk

Sarah Graham’s work is bright, colourful and offers a photographic finish. Sarah works from photographs she has taken in her studio. Her unique ability to paint from photographs by eye with such a high level of accuracy, whilst still leaving an artistic impression is simply unheard of. She is able to paint in and out of focus, along with emphasising each highlight, shadow and reflection; this makes her subject matter look real. Sarah talks about her work, “I am entirely motivated by colour, and as a realist painter, along with being a big kid at heart, this inevitably lead to the subject matter of toys and sweets. It allows me to explore extremely vivid colour, and at the same time manipulate the structure and form of an image.”

She enjoys the challenge of picking out the detail, noticing subtle changes and taking each image to its limit.  For each of her pieces she starts by sketching onto the blank canvas with yellow acrylic paint, then working into the image with an array of colours. There is a real innocence about what she paints, but it is her sophisticated technique that sets her apart from other artists.

Sweet Temptations by Sarah Graham - Available at Artworx Gallery

Sweet Temptations by Sarah Graham – Available at Artworx Gallery

For more information about Sarah Graham and her work visit

Sarah Graham at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01543 502971 or email info@artworx.co.uk
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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