Frogman Flower Sculptue 2012 – Daffodil by Tim Cotterill

To celebrate the Spring and in part Mothers all over the world including his own, Tim Cotterill creates a flower inspired piece once a year. For 2012 he has infused a lively plum purple frog stretched over an elegant daffodil trying to catch an unaware ladybird. The piece is full of action and can be admired from all angles. The flurry of colour Tim has used in the bronze sculpture really sets it off as a statement piece and a definite conversation starter.

Frogman Flower Sculpture 2012 - Daffodill by Tim Cotterill

Frogman Flower Sculpture 2012 - Daffodill by Tim Cotterill

‘Daffodil’ is part of a limited edition of just 2000 worldwide. Each bronze sculpture starts out as blank sheets of heavy paper laid over a workbench and sketching with coloured pencils, Tim works the lines until a clear vision of the frog forms in his mind. Only then does he start welding a metal armature that serves as a skeleton for his creation. when he is pleased with the basic form of the new sculpture, Tim lays his sculpting material over the skeleton. He usually begins with the head, as this is where the ‘emotion’ of his sculpture lies, and works his way backwards.

Once the sculpting material is set, he will spend many hours filing and smoothing the sculpture, coming back again and again, making small refinements. The final sculpture requires many hours of patient fine hand-tool work in order to achieve the distinctive ‘Frogman’ look. When this part in the whole process is complete Tim takes the sculpture to the Frogman foundry to begin the lost wax casting process.

The sculpture is then made into a mould by painting a flexible silicon over the top, a wax model made from this. The wax model is then dipped into a liquid mixture to build a ceramic shell, following this the whole thing is burnout and de-waxed in a kiln. The molten bronze is poured in to the hollow shell, after being cooled the shell is removed to reveal the beautiful sculpture. The final stages really bring the piece of work to life, with the colour added as it is treated with chemicals and fired with a blowtorch to create a patina. These patinas are just one of the individual and unique reasons for Frogman’s fame. The sculpture is then buffed and waxed by hand, and finally engraved with Tim’s signature, the year it was created and the edition number.

Frogman Flower Sculpture 2012 - Daffodil by Tim Cotterill

Frogman Flower Sculpture 2012 - Daffodil by Tim Cotterill

Frogman Flower Sculpture 2012 - Daffodil by Tim Cotterill

Frogman Flower Sculpture 2012 - Daffodil by Tim Cotterill

For more information about Tim Cotterill – aka. The Frogman –  and his work visit

Frogman At Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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