Jeff Rowland – Lights, Camera, Action

The main source of Jeff Rowland’s inspiration is his passion for the cinema and the use of light, especially when rain is used to create mood and atmosphere. From a single image, Rowland builds a story and narrative about a lone couple, able to take on the world together through thick and thin. His work echoes of the picturesque film noire genre with a dash of romance. For Spring Jeff has released three new signed limited editions that are currently on display at Artworx Gallery, Staffordshire.

Jeff Rowland talks about how ‘A Walk In The Woods‘ came about, “I set out to paint a wooded scene without deviating from my rain soaked style, I found a lovely little dirt track in Northumberland while out and about and this became my inspiration. Ahead of me were a group of people so far in the distance that they became that blue-grey colour. This sparked the idea. I saw that I could paint this scene in the style that I am known for, however, using the trees and autumn leaves to achieve a warmth within the composition. When I add warmth to a painting it usually comes from a light source. This maybe street lighting or a reflection from a bar or cafe window, but in this case I did not have to use any light source for warmth, only the natural warmth from the colour of the trees. Even though my work is set in rain I always try to give them a positive, warm and up-lifting feel to them. The cinematic influence is the happy ending, a feeling that this couple have made it through the rain.”

Walk In The Wood by Jeff Rowland

Walk In The Wood by Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland talks ‘Memories Are Made Of This’, “The Eiffel Tower is a wonderful iconic image to paint and in many eyes represents the city of love. The composition is relaying a narrative that here are two people in Paris caught in the rain, rain that they won’t allow the spoil their time together because nothing else in the world matters. They have Paris and each other. It may be just the perfect ending to a romantic film.”

Memories Are Made Of This by Jeff Rowland

Memories Are Made Of This by Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland talks about ‘Parisian Walkways’, “This piece is a simple street scene set in Paris encompassing all of the ingredients that I love and know so well As soon as I could picture this scene in my mind I could visualise how the colours of blues and greys would work together. I I find that the Parisian cafe is always a fascinating subject to paint as for me they portray a particular age in cinema; an age of ‘Film Noir’ where men in belted raincoats surrounded by plumes of smoke were in common site. The reflection of light on the rain soaked street, the couple walking in the distance (hopefully to a happy ending); I wanted to evoke a strong cinematic feel. The narrative tells us that this is the finela shot to a great film, I wanted to express the feeling that the director has just said “Cut, that’s a wrap!”.”

Parisian Walkways by Jeff Rowland

Parisian Walkways by Jeff Rowland

For more information about Jeff Rowland and his work visit

Jeff Rowland at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please ring 01543 502971 or email
Artworx Gallery, Cedars Business Park, Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1QJ.

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