How to choose the right piece of art for you and your home

Why do people buy art?

  • Art can enhance an environment, either at home or work.
  • Art could be purchased to mark a special occasion.
  • Art is about personal expression, it is not only the artist’s expression, it is also you own.
  • Purchasing art would be supporting the career of an artist.
The Best Things In Life Are Sweet by Peter Smith

The Best Things In Life Are Sweet by Peter Smith

What type of original art do you like?

The first step in choosing art for your home is to decide what you actually want, and knowing you will still love it in years to come. The choices can be split into two main categories: Hanging art – including oil paintings, drawings photography, etc. The other option is: sculpture – bronze, clay, modern, traditional, etc.  Once you have decided this, you are able to narrow your search into what kind of style you are looking for. Are you interested in more modern work? Or something that is quite traditional? Does it have to trigger a memory eg. A seaside piece that reminds you of you holidays in Cornwall as a child. This is something your gallery specialist cam always help you with.

Once you have ascertained which of the forms of art you want to buy, you also need to conduct your own research. You may have a firm favourite who creates pieces of modern art that you adore, or want a piece of art that is in the style of one of the old masters of the renaissance. The internet is a great tool to use when searching for art as you can compare artists, prices and locations.

Cafe Du Coin by Paul Kenton

Cafe Du Coin by Paul Kenton

What space is available for the artwork?

After all your piece of art needs a home, it needs to belong to a room and fit with your current style and layout. Where is it going to go? If you have an idea of where you want to hang or stand the work, measure it just to be sure. Measuring by eye can be a dangerous game, as work always looks smaller in a gallery setting due to the large wall space. Depending on your location to the gallery you may find that you are able to book a home approval. This is the best way to try before you buy, as you can see the piece in it’s intended home.

A Time To Remember by Jeff Rowland

A Time To Remember by Jeff Rowland

How much should I spend?

It goes without saying that if you are buying an original, it is a one off. That said, it does not need to cost the earth. Some galleries offer Interest Free Credit, giving you the option of paying for a piece of work over a period of time without incurring extra costs. Limited edition prints also bridge the gap between original and open edition print, they offer the same piece of work you are looking for, at a fraction of the original cost, whilst still capturing that sense of exclusivity.

It is highly recommended to do some research when purchasing art with particular reference to pricing, as you don’t want to pay too much for a piece of work. Also consider what the costs involves, does it come with a frame? Does the price include VAT?

Remember that you can discuss your budget with the gallery specialist and they can help you find the perfect piece of art to suit your pocket. Many people begin collecting art by buying small pieces, and then expand to larger ones over time so you do not need to buy a priceless masterpiece to begin with. The best original art collections give the most enjoyment to their owners, regardless of their size or value.

Top Of The Pops by Sarah Graham

Top Of The Pops by Sarah Graham

Should I buy art as an investment?

Whilst there can be profit gained in buying and selling art, only ever buy a piece if you genuinely love it. Whilst the art market is never a sure thing, at least you will always have a piece that you enjoy.

The Lion King, Uneasy Truce by Rolf Harris

The Lion King, Uneasy Truce by Rolf Harris

Before you buy, ask yourself

  • Will I regret not buying it?
  • Will it fit with what I already have? eg. Other pieces of art in the house are behind glass whilst this new piece is not.
  • Does it come with a frame? And will the frame fit with my interior?
  • Can I take out extra insurance for the piece?
Marjolein by Shazia

Marjolein by Shazia

Is there anything else I should keep in mind when purchasing art?

  • Always make sure you get a receipt and certificate of authenticity for your new piece of art.
  • Quality check your work before you leave the gallery, it could be a little more difficult to prove you only noticed a scratch on the side of the frame when you got home, and that you didn’t do it in transit. The same goes if you order a piece of work online and it arrives damaged, get in contact with the gallery as soon as you receive the piece.
  • Who else has bought this artist’s work? Don’t be afraid to be the first to buy, after all Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.
  • How is it made? Is it fragile? Do I need any special instructions to care for the piece?
Secret by Emma Grzonskowski

Secret by Emma Grzonskowski

For more information about buying art visit:

Artworx Gallery

Alternatively call 01543 502971 or email

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