Jeff Rowland – A timeless classic

Despite major health problems resulting in dialysis and a kidney transplant Jeff Rowland has battled through and created an even more impressive collection of work for autumn 2011. His work is based on the cinematic atmosphere of Film Noir.

Jeff talks about his work, “I’ve used landmarks that I believe will be known by most people, either from personal experience or from films. Whilst using iconic buildings for background detail I have remained faithful to keeping my compositions set within the pouring rain; this serves to give the pieces that cinematic feel that I am fascinated with. The cities of London and New York have for decades been at the forefront of film making, particularly within the 40’s and 50’s which is a movie era I am particularly fond of. This Film Noir impression is what I have tried to achieve in this collection of works, along with an open narrative as to what the couples in the composition are doing or saying.”

Meet Me On The Bridge by Jeff Rowland

Meet Me On The Bridge by Jeff Rowland

Jeff vocalises his ideas about ‘Meet Me On The Bridge’ “I was in New York a few years ago and walked through Central Park when I came across this view of the bridge. Because I am such a fan of the old black and white films I recognised it immediately. Caught on film on so many occasions it instantly reminded me of that great film “The Apartment” with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemon. An accidental romance, which is often the very thing that I try to portray in my own work. In this painting once again the scene is open to interpretation. Does this bridge hold importance to them? Is it perhaps where they both met? Is it an illicit meeting or are they just pausing for a while to say “I Love You”? My understanding of the implicate use of rain in film suggests a change, I adopted this notion in my paintings to further the viewers interpretation of what the characters in the piece are doing. They could be meeting together for the first time and experiencing a change in their lives or proposing marriage, or is it like Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemon, simply an accidental romance. The real answer is whatever you would like it to be…”

We Have All The Time In The World by Jeff Rowland

We Have All The Time In The World by Jeff Rowland

“This painting [We Have All The Time In The World] has the back drop of Parliament, buildings that are usually associated with the news and world affairs. I just thought that it would work really well as a romantic composition if painted in the right way so I have given the appearance and shape of the building without going into the very ornate details of it, yet it still remains recognisable. The lovers have been out walking in the rain and with nobody around they have taken the opportunity to embrace. In my eyes it may be because they don’t know when they will see each other again or it may be a stolen moment together. The title of the painting came to me, like all good things, by accident! Whilst listening to my constantly tuned in radio Louis Armstrong started to sing “We Have All The Time in The World”. Perfect, what beautiful words I thought. This song complemented the idea that maybe this was a stolen moment after all, or do you think differently?”

A Perfect Moment by Jeff Rowland

A Perfect Moment by Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland tells us about his thoughts behind ‘A Perfect Moment’ “With London deep set in my mind as a romantic setting due to all the iconic buildings it is associated with I decided to use St Paul’s Cathedral imagery in a painting. Seen during the war as a symbol of defiance and always featured in 1950s Charles Dickens films I thought the cathedral made a perfect backdrop for a love story; I believe the building has a romantic grace about it. Here we have a couple looking across the River Thames with what seems to be a care free attitude to the falling rain. This gives the opinion that they are together and always will be. Nothing else matters in the world. Nothing can divide them.”

We've Got Tonight by Jeff Rowland

We've Got Tonight by Jeff Rowland

Lastly Jeff discusses the last piece of his collection ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ “This piece uses the iconic image of Tower Bridge as the setting for the romance. I see it in that the couple have been walking along the bank of the Thames , the rain not bothering them, they stop to say something to each other and she is pulled into a passionate clinch. However all my pieces are open to interpretation and I want everyone who looks at them to draw their own conclusions as to the accompanying story. Even though the painting is set against a cold and rainy evening, the couple give the impression that they are warm, safe and together. I have always tried to have a small part of the composition painted in a warmer tone; whether that be the reflection on the rain soaked street from a street light, the reflection of light from a warm restaurant or it may well be the colour of the coats on the characters .This warmth gives a feeling of sanctuary from the heavy rain, without the warm tones the piece could be conceived as a cold composition.”

For more information on Jeff Rowland and his work visit

Jeff Rowland at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively call 01543 502971 or email

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