Peter Smith – Sweets and Management

Peter Smith has released a juicy new collection for his autumn release. Each piece is more tantalising than the last, with naughty sweets and grown up management, his Impossimals are always up to something new and interesting.

Macarooned by Peter Smith

Macarooned by Peter Smith

Marooned on a macaroon? This tower of treats is a feast for the eyes; did you know macaroons are the new cupcakes?

“People ask me where I get my ideas from, the quirky animals, the strong colours and strange concepts, but I see them everyday in the street, the people I meet, the feelings I experience. At the end of every day I have hundreds of images fighting for my attention and the chance to be painted; quite often I get carried away with excitement and fill my sketchbook from cover to cover within hours, which although it can be emotionally draining, the flood of ideas each one linking the next, allows me to evolve my work on paper very rapidly giving me such a rich source of reference material.”

Donut Touch by Peter Smith

Donut Touch by Peter Smith

You know you shouldn’t, you know it’s so, so wrong but when the inside of donuts have an ‘o’ for ‘oooooo’ they become ‘go nuts’ and you know it’s futile to resist. This sweet fest of gooeyness puts the ‘do’ back in donuts; go on, you know you want to!

Under New Management by Peter Smith

Under New Management by Peter Smith

Several years later the Managements hulking presence returns after learning about all the finer things in life with tailored suits, Cuban cigars and Paul Smith ties. Under new management is not about the Impossimals though, it’s about you and me, put your life under new management and see what happens.

A case of always together, never apart our two sweethearts share a special moment when an innocent dandelion clock tells more than the time. A gentle breeze helps to reveal the love this special couple shares.

Sweethearts by Peter Smith

Sweethearts by Peter Smith

For more information about Peter Smith and his work visit

Peter Smith at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively please call 01543 502971 or email

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