Anna Razumovskaya – Alberta Ballet Mural

Anna Razumovskaya has been busy back home in Canada with a stunning new project with a commission by the Alberta Ballet to design a wall mural in the city of Calgary.

“Art enriches our lives everyday. We thought it would be amazing if we could bring the passion and life so many see on our stage to everyone in Calgary,” said Darryl Lindenbach, Executive Director at Alberta Ballet. “We are ecstatic to unveil this inaugural mural project. Our dancers are the epitome of grace and beauty and we hope that this image will help remind us all of the beauty that is possible when our worlds collide.”

Anna Razumovskaya - Alberta Ballet Mural in Calgary
Anna Razumovskaya – Alberta Ballet Mural in Calgary

Razumovskaya visited the Alberta Ballet studios in Calgary earlier this summer to sketch the company’s artists. “The opportunity to work with the Alberta Ballet and their incredibly gifted dancers is truly inspiring,” she said. “As an artist, I appreciate the intensity, vibrancy, passion and consummate artistry they bring to each performance. To translate this onto canvas makes this experience even more rewarding, as well as knowing that the work we are doing together will benefit both the Alberta Ballet as well as the community.”

For more information about Anna Razumovskaya and her work please visit:

Anna Razumovskaya at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively ring 01543 502971 or email

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