Caroline Shotton Summer Collection 2011

Caroline Shotton’s summer release for 2011 is here! This collection concentrates on flowers of the summer, from poppies, daisies, buttercups and forget me nots. Each offers a definitive character and colour to match. All of her characters are full of wit and charm, along with a sense of charisma.

Poppy by Caroline Shotton

Poppy by Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton is one of the countries most popular contemporary artists, delighting fans with her charming depictions of cows in a variety of quirky settings. Each of the signed limited edition prints from her Summer Collection are hand embellished with that tactile approach to them that is very familiar to Caroline Shotton’s work.

Daisy by Caroline Shotton

Daisy by Caroline Shotton

”I painted my first cow when I was pregnant with my first child, Sam. I spent hours looking for something to decorate his nursery with and nothing was quite right. I wanted something friendly, something that would make him smile and keep him company if I wasn’t in the room. One day as I was walking through the fields nearby my home, I looked at the cows and knew they’d be perfect. So I painted a cow for his nursery, he still has it on his bedroom wall now. And that’s how it all began!”

Buttercup by Caroline Shotton

Buttercup by Caroline Shotton

Forget Me Not by Caroline Shotton

Forget Me Not by Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton’s new collection is on display Artworx Gallery. For more details or to purchase Caroline Shotton’s newest Collection please visit:

Caroline Shotton at Artworx Gallery

Or ring 01543 502971 or email

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