Kim Haskins and her Puurrfect Cats

Eight More Paws by Kim Haskins *Original*

Eight More Paws by Kim Haskins *Original*

International best-selling artist, Kim Haskins creates loveable and comical cat characters. Her cats are full of expression and humour, able to make you laugh and fill you with emotion. Her cats have transfixing eyes that speak a thousand words, sometimes containing a look of shock or surprise and other times of love and companionship. Haskins has an amazing talent of bringing life to these characters, and giving them a voice. Her work is affectionate and playful, much like your own cat at home. Her cats are always full of grace and and colour and a loveable addition to any home.

‘Eight More Paws’ is a new original piece by Haskins available at Artworx Gallery. She also has a brand new Spring collection full of charisma, colour and fun.

Basil Incognito by Kim Haskins

Basil Incognito by Kim Haskins

“I was born in 1981 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Throughout school I’ve was known as the class artist – the one who drew pictures in other peoples’ exercise books, made posters for school plays, designed t-shirts etc. Even growing up my pictures always fell into one of two categories: humorous or still life. This is still the case today; I paint vibrant, humorous pictures of animals, particularly chickens and cats and still life pictures of food and objects that make me happy (crumbling biscuits, oozing jam and cups of tea feature heavily in my work).”

“I didn’t study art; instead, with a strong interest in language and culture I gained a first-class degree in Hispanic studies at Queen Mary, University of London in 2004. I spent a year living in Granada, Spain and on returning to London went on to become a journalist, working for publications and organisations such as the British Council, Youthnet,, Sky and more. This gave me the opportunity to work with incredible people and travel around the world. I still enjoy writing and continue to do so on a freelance basis.”

“Painting and drawing was something I did in my spare time. I never considered selling my work until it became noticed by friends, as well as acquaintances of my dad, John, who has been a successful artist for about 40 years. So, in 2009 – mid-recession – I took what must’ve seemed like a rather financially unwise decision to leave full-time employment in order to concentrate on painting. Fortunately it was a worthwhile risk as the hard work paid off and my pictures eventually appeared in galleries and as published prints around the UK.”

“Simple, everyday pleasures inspire me. I love animals – particularly their colours, textures and personalities – so I often try to characterise them in my work. Cats are most familiar to me, and I own (or rather I’m owned by) two mogs who stay disconcertingly close to me and my wet paint while I’m working. I also enjoy seeing fun and beauty in banal things – jam, for example, is so rich in colour, varying in transparency and viscosity that it’s quite a sensual experience to attempt recreating its qualities on canvas.”

Family Purrtrait by Kim Haskins

Family Purrtrait by Kim Haskins

There’s a deadpan sense of humour in pretty much all the subjects of my work. Hence the manic appearance of my chickens or the vacant expression on the explosively furry cats. It’s even hard to take a 2ft square painting of a doughnut seriously. But humour doesn’t mean lacking in substance; I think it’s important for art to invoke emotion. I hope mine invokes joy. At the end of the day, I want people to feel happy when looking at my pictures.”

“I’d say that colour attracts me more than anything else – more than form or subject matter. Colour can really affect my mood. In fact I admit to getting a bit obsessive about colour combinations and often spend ages testing out different shades against each other. I’ve even been known to rearrange make-up palettes at cosmetic counters to create more attractive combinations (I was born into colour-obsession; my mum says that when she went into labour with me she was given a pink room at the maternity ward, but she hated the colour and asked to change. So I was born in a yellow room).”

Not Amewsed by Kim Haskins

Not Amewsed by Kim Haskins

For more information on Kim Haskins and her work please visit:

Kim Haskins at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively ring 01543 502971
Or email

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