John Wilson – Fine Art through the eyes of a child

Wilson uses a lot of humour in his paintings although the inspiration for his style comes from the way children draw people full frontal and yet nearly always draw animals in profile. His work sparks interest due to the contrast of his child-like characters and his reproductions of great masters, such as Van Gogh, Turner, Constable, Hockney to name but a few. He has a clear talent, which makes his child-like figures all the more fascinating to enjoy for their simple beauty.

Infant Van Gogh & Friends by John Wilson

Infant Van Gogh & Friends by John Wilson

“When my youngest daughter, Stephanie was four years old she brought home a wax crayon picture of herself from playschool. As soon as she showed it to me I was fascinated by the way it had been drawn and by the colours used. I then began to look at other children’s drawings and found one main similarity between them all – the fact that nearly all children draw people full frontal; with either stick or fat arms and legs; and yet they nearly always draw animals in profile. I found it really interesting the way children tend to perceive and interpret things within their everyday lives, often in the same way. Although Picasso once said that when he was a child he could paint like an adult, and he spent all his adult life trying to paint like a child. This led me to thinking that some of the old masters – Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Da Vinci – would have probably drawn people in exactly the same way when they were about four years old. This subsequently gave me the idea of mixing children’s art, with no inhibitions, together with the carefully planned paintings of the adult artist. This style of painting has proved very successful for me and the more children’s art I study, the more I will be able to continue to find various ways of developing and combining the adult approach to painting with that of a child’s.”

Made In Britain by John Wilson

Made In Britain by John Wilson

Most of John Wilson’s work contains famous paintings which he recreates, ‘Made In Britain’ features several paintings by highly talented artists, including:
L.S. Lowry – Industrial Scene
John Constable – Dedham Mill and Church
William Turner – The Fighting Temeraire
Patrick Caulfield – Sweet Bowl
John Nash – The Cornfield
David Hockney – Day Pool with 3 Blues

For more information on John Wilson and his work please visit:

John Wison at Artworx Gallery

Alternatively ring 01543 502971
Or email

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