Frogman Bronze Sculptures

Have you ever searched for something totally unique? Well, welcome to the world of Frogman. Tim Cotterill designs these beautiful and elegant limited edition bronze sculptures. They are collected worldwide with a huge following and hundreds of different sculptures. Frogman is known for it’s lovable characters, exquisite colour and skilful craftsmanship.

Frogman Bronze Sculpture - Under Cover

Frogman Bronze Sculpture - Under Cover

Who is Frogman?

Even as a child in his UK hometown of Leicester, Tim was always fascinated with animals. It was through his metal work and engineering background, that led Tim to experiment with creating his ideas. Cotterill has always had a love of motorbikes, trikes and racing which turned him to building them for himself, and in turn creating metal animals. He began crafting birds and other animals from metal and found the following for these creatures, phenomenal. Tim was always delighted and interested with the form, colours and characters of frogs and it was this love that made him create the well known Frogman Frogs. He began selling his art at shows and events, and it snowballed from there.  Cotterill soon moved over to California to follow his motorcycle and artistic dreams, and the rest as they say is history. Tim is a fun and interesting person, but above all else, he is THE FROGMAN!

Frogman Bronze Sculpture - Scout

Frogman Bronze Sculpture - Scout

How are they made?

Tim begins the creative process by sketching out a clear vision of what form the frog will take, then goes onto weld a metal armature that gives the sculpture a skeleton and uses sculpting material over this. The sculpture is then made into a mould by painting a flexible silicon over the top, a wax model made from this. The wax model is then dipped into a liquid mixture to build a ceramic shell, following this the whole thing is burnout and dewaxed in a kiln. The molten bronze is poured in to the hollow shell, after being cooled the shell is removed to reveal the beautiful sculpture. The final stages really bring the piece of work to life, with the colour added as it is treated with chemicals and fired with a blowtorch to create a patina. These patinas are just one of the individual and unique reasons for Frogman’s fame. Finally the sculpture is finally buffed and waxed by hand.

Frogman Character Orchid

Frogman Bronze Sculpture - Orchid

New Frogman Sculpture - Gemini

New Frogman Sculpture - Gemini

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